Radio Communications

Radio Communications

Handheld Ham Radio unit

CB-Radio - Does not require a license to operate and provides great short distance communications (1-2 miles), perfect for talking between vehicles.  Select a channel that will be used by all the vehicles in your group, or scan the frequencies for information provided by other drivers.

Amateur (Ham) Radio - Requires an FCC license to operate, HAM radio offers a much broader range of communications and over many more frequencies (depending upon the class license the operator holds). Range may be further extended through the use of "repeaters" that are typically set up by local clubs in the area. For Ham license information see

For Local trail coverage from Loon to Tahoe staging area, use:
444.9875 (+) PL 156.7
The repeater is located in the Rubicon so coverage is great.   More Info can be found here

For communications out of the Rubicon, use:
444.9875 (+) PL 107.2
This is linked to 146.805 (-) PL. 123 on the west side of the sierras.

There are many other Simplex frequencies to choose from for Jeep to Jeep communications. For a directory of local repeaters Google, Eldorado County ham repeater directory, there are many sites to choose from.

Emergency Helicopter operation-

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