Vehicle Information

Vehicle Information and Requirements

Important:  If you have a new vehicle and fear denting it, don't come.
Odds are you will take dents home with you!

* All Vehicles must be Registered for the Event *
* Minimum of two (2) people per vehicle required*
* All Vehicles must have valid insurance*

The Rubicon Trail is rated a 10, one of the toughest off road trails to drive.   If you fear denting your vehicle please do not participate. Odds are you will take a dent home. Please contact Lacey at or by calling 530-333-4771 for more information.

Acceptable vehicles for the Jeepers and Jeep Jamboree trips are Jeeps, Land Cruisers, Toyota Pick Up's, Samurai's, Scouts, and Broncos (prior to 1979).  Highly modified vehicles (including the models listed) need to be approved by the board of directors.  All vehicles need to be in good mechanical condition.

Jamboree Requirements:

Two Jeeps meet

Jamboree Suggestions

Suggestions: 5 gallon can of gas for older vehicles and rocker panels for more protection.

OHV Green Sticker

For more information about this program - Click here!

Tow Vehicles and Parking information:

If your vehicle must be towed to the event, please note the following information and restrictions pertaining to parking:

Please also DO NOT park in the Homewood Mountain Resort and sides of the road going into the resort, or in the Rubicon McKinney residential areas.

Pre-departure Maintenance Checklist:

Trail breakdowns can be greatly reduced by checking a few key items prior to embarking on your trip.  Now is the time to check your vehicle and repair or replace items that look even moderately suspicious.  It is far better to repair these items now rather than on the trail.  The following list is a recommended minimum Pre-Departure Maintenance Check-list  for Rubicon Trail vehicle readiness:

Jeep going through water

The Jeepers Jamboree is a privately funded enterprise. The management of the Jeepers Jamboree reserves the right to deny any application to participate. Each participant admitted to the Jamboree is expected to comply with the reasonable rules of participation as set forth in the application materials and comply with the reasonable direction from officials of the Jamboree. Failure to comply with the rules or reasonable direction of officials may result in the violator being denied participation in future Jeepers Jamboree events. Such determination shall be made at the sole and absolute discretion of the Jeepers Jamboree management.

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