Old image of jeep on the Rubicon trail

The Jeepers Jamboree is considered the oldest, toughest and largest organized event of this type in the world.

The official Jeepers Jamboree happens at only one place and that is on the Rubicon Trail over the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Don't be fooled by others claiming 70 years of Jamborees. Jeepers Jamboree celebrated its 70th Anniversary in 2022 and is the "Granddaddy" of all 4-wheel events.

The Trip and the Route: The world-famous Jeepers Jamboree starts at the Sierra Nevada foothill town of Georgetown, California. Vehicles go east over approximately 45 miles of paved road to Loon Lake. After crossing the second dam at Loon Lake, your 4-wheel adventure begins. It's time to put your vehicle in 4-wheel drive, air down the tires and start the most grueling 17 miles of off-roading you'll ever experience.

The Jeepers Jamboree started in 1952 as a way to help increase the economy in the Georgetown Divide area. A small group of local men came up with the idea of having a Jamboree to bring people into the area and have fun at the same time. Rubicon Springs HotelThese local men spent time devising the perfect route and trip itinerary. They crossed the Rubicon River to the Rubicon Valiey, which was a lush green meadow with a perfect camping area. In the middle of the meadow were the remnants of the old Rubicon Hotel to add a bit of history to the camping area. To get backing for the trip, it was presented to the Georgetown Rotary Club and the Georgetown Rifle and Pistol Club. They were thrilled with the idea of reviving the economy and helped back the trip. The first trip had 55 vehicles and 155 people in the summer of 1953. By the third year the trip was a huge success. The trip has been a big success every year since. They added talent to the trip, bringing in live entertainment so the participants could dance, and leave their worries behind. They even hauled in a Grand Piano from Lake Tahoe for musical entertainment during dinner.

At Rubicon Springs the pampering begins. The Jeepers are wined, dined and entertained in High Sierra style. The activities are many. This is the time to just sit back, relax, and be waited on. It's a completely catered event, We'll even do the dishes. At night there's a raffle drawing with exciting prizes to win from our numerous sponsors, followed by entertainment and dancing with the band that has been flown in for the special occasion. What is included in the Trip: Three meals each day, experienced trail guides on the trail, exclusive use of the Rubicon trail, entertainment, drawings, fun, games and relaxation.

Many vendors will also be at the campsite.

We are also one of the only, if not the only event, to provide over 20 mechanics to help our participants. Of course participants must pay for any parts used and mechanics appreciate small donations. Mechanic working on a vehicle Also available are wilderness permits available in camp (permits are mandatory for those hiking into the Desolation Wilderness Area). Through the years, improvements have been made to the event, implemented by suggestions from guests. There has always been the continued movement towards the highest quality. The scenery is like nowhere else. The beauty you'll experience is strikingly breathtaking. You can become mesmerized by your surroundings with all its natural beauty. The Jeepers Jamboree Organization always strives to keep the area as it was. There are extensive clean up crews before and after the Jamborees. Vehicles are required to stay on the trail throughout the trip. This program has proven to be very effective in getting participants to follow the rules in trash removal and caring for the surroundings. The importance of protecting the environment is contagious and you'll find participants going out of their way to follow and respect the rules. The Jamboree committee emphasizes the protection and appreciation of the environment. In 1990, Jeepers Jamboree was noted for its commitment to protection. Jeepers Jamboree was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for being a Founding Member of Tread Lightly! As in the beginning, Jeepers Jamboree is committed to the Tread Lightly! campaign to keeping trails open for years to come.

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