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What is the Jeepers and Jeep Jamboree?
Jeepers and Jeep Jamboree are fully supported off road trips through the famous Rubicon Trail in Northern, California

What is the difference between the Jeepers and Jeep Jamboree trip?
Jeepers Jamboree offers a 4 day or 3 day trip option. Jeepers Jamboree offers an adult atmosphere, more vehicles and attendance, and live entertainment. Must be 16 years of age or older to attend.

Jeep Jamboree is a 3 day trip and is geared for families. Jeep Jamboree has the Jeep Jamboree Camp Rubicon educational program for our participants aged 6 – 16. Jeep Jamboree has fewer vehicles and provides live entertainment.

How do I sign up for a trip?
Old Jeep going through water You can sign up Online here or by mail to:

Jeepers Jamboree & Jeep Jamboree, Inc.
P.O. Box 900
Georgetown, CA 95634

Registrations can also be faxed over at 530-333-0245 or taken over the phone at 530-333-4771.

Registration for all trips open November 1st. Registration cut off is two weeks prior to the trip date.  All registrations must be completed and the release of liability wavier must be signed by all participants. Once completed registrations are submitted the driver will receive a confirmation and itinerary by email.

What types of vehicles are allowed to attend the Jamboree trip?
Acceptable vehicles for the Jamboree trips are Jeeps, Land Cruisers, Toyota Pick Ups, Samurai’s, Scouts, and Broncos (1979 to present). Highly modified vehicles (including models listed) or vehicle types not listed (Unimogs, etc) need to be approved by the board of directors. For more vehicle information, recommendations, or approval please contact the office at 530-333-4771.

Who can I bring?
Kids 16 years and older can attend the Jeepers Jamboree trip. Kids 6 years and older can attend the Jeep Jamboree trip. All passengers must wear seat belts. All participants must be registered for the trip.    Absolutely NO PETS are allowed to attend any of our trips.

What will a Jamboree trip cost?

Jeepers Jamboree 4 Day trip is $465 per person
After June 15th: $505 per person

Jeepers Jamboree 3 Day trips are $430 per person
After June 15th: $470 per person

Jeep Jamboree 3 day trip is $415 per person
After June 15th: $465 per person

16 & under to 6 years $275 per person

All fees must be paid in advance.  A $35 charge is assessed for returned checks. All camping fees and meals are included in this price.

REFUND "per ticket"


  Reservations to 21 Days before trip


  20 Days to 8 Days before trip


  7 Days to 1 Days before trip


  Trip Date and Beyond



This is my first four wheel drive event? What kind of driving experience is needed?
No experience is needed. We have trail guides along the trail helping the drivers take the correct lines and stacking rocks to help you get through the Rubicon Trail. Jeepers Jamboree & Jeep Jamboree, Inc. is the best company to start four wheeling enthusiasm and learning off roading tips.

What does the trip registration fee cover?
Registration fees cover all necessary permits, vehicle fees, camping fees, and  all meals starting the day of the trip to lunch on the last day (note there is no meal provided the night before the trip), experienced trail guides, and mechanics on the trail. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate special diets and dietary restrictions.
You can contact the office at 530-333-4771 for a menu or visit the downloads page.

What if my vehicle has mechanical problems while on the trail?
If you have a mechanical problem while on the trail please inform a rock roller on the trail or pull off the trail and wait for assistance as needed. We have trail mechanics to assist with mechanical problems while on the trail.  Jeepers Jamboree and Jeep Jamboree Inc. maintains a parts inventory in Main Camp.  However, due to a wide range of different and unique vehicles that attend, we cannot provide parts for every type of breakdown.  We suggest each participant bring appropriate spare parts for their vehicle.  Jeepers Jamboree and Jeep Jamboree have mechanics at Buck Island (Jeepers Jamboree only), Main Camp, and stationed along the trail to provide assistance.  Breakdowns can delay your trip for hours and even days.  Ensure your vehicle is in good condition before attending a Jeepers or Jeep Jamboree trip.Check here for more information.

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Could my vehicle be damaged on a Jamboree trip?
There is the possibility of damage to your vehicle when traveling the Rubicon Trail. Any damage is the owner’s responsibly. The rock rollers are there to assist you in traversing the trail; please closely follow instructions given by the rock rollers. The Rubicon Trail is rated a 10. It is one of the oldest, toughest four wheel drive trails in the world. If you fear damaging or denting your vehicle, please do not attend.

Are there bypasses that can be taken to avoid difficult spots?
No, there are no bypasses; moreover, vehicles can not pull off the road more than 25ft from the center of the trail. If you are stopping to eat, swim, check your vehicle, etc. pull off just enough so another vehicle can get around you.

Can I have a friend or family member check in for me in Georgetown?
The driver of each registered vehicle, and all passengers in said vehicle MUST check in at the Georgetown office. All signatures need be to on the liability release waiver before you can be checked in. If you didn't get a waiver signed prior to check in, make sure you come in and sign at check in. No vehicle sticker or wristbands will be given without all signatures. NO EXCEPTIONS

What type of rest-room facilities do you have?
There are port-a-potties at the Loon Lake Dam when you start the trip. Then there are a couple of port-a-potties along the trail. Once you get to Rubicon Springs we have several port-a-potties. Participants can also bring their own bucket toilets (must pack out on own – no dumping) and PETT toilets systems.

What kind of weather can I expect on the Rubicon?
The weather is unpredictable in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. No matter how warm it may be by day, the nights can get cold and thundershowers are not an uncommon occurrence. Pack for warm and cold weather and bring an extra pair of shoes.

Camping on the Rubicon Trail

Where do we camp once on the Rubicon Trail?
Once you get to Rubicon Springs Main Camp, a camp host will help assist in finding you a camp site. Rubicon Springs is the midpoint of the Rubicon Trail. For example, if you attend the 4 day Jeepers Jamboree trip you will drive the Rubicon Trail all day Thursday until you reach Rubicon Springs. You will then set up camp and stay camped there for the duration of the trip. Sunday you will break down camp, and you will drive the rest of the Rubicon Trail to the Tahoe side.

What type of activities will there be once in camp?
Participant can enjoy fishing, hiking, swimming, and meeting fellow off road enthusiasts. On the Saturday of all our trips there will be a historical talk about the Rubicon Trail. There will be entertainment in the evening after dinner.

Where can I purchase merchandise for family and friends?
Jeepers Jamboree merchandise can be purchased Online at or at our office during check in.